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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

She’s a leader in the making.

Balance within the Great Forest of Tob has been shattered with the disappearance of the Wise King of the Forest. In place of the Wise King a sinister force has appeared. The King of Ruin and his undead minions now run rampant throughout the woods. In order to combat the dead, the rulers of the West and East have banded together. However, taking on death is no easy feat. Warm bodies are needed, and extinguishing one’s own forces is disheartening. As such, these tyrants seek anyone they can control to be on their front lines for the coming war. This means Carne Village could be used or wiped out if found. Now, knowing what is to come, Enri must head for E-Rantel in hopes of finding aid. She may be a mere village girl, but everyone is looking up to her.

Enri believes her role to be small, yet what she has done for the village is big. Her aid and mastery over the goblins turned the village around. As such everyone now agrees that she should be the new chief. Unsure of taking on such a big role, she seeks the advice of those closest to her. Lupusregina and Nfirea are both in agreement that she should be the new leader. While she may make some mistakes it is bound to happen to anyone. At least with her at the forefront the village stands a greater chance of survival. Speaking of survival, I smell a battle on the horizon. Enri has been accepted as the new chief, but is she prepared to save the lives of her people? Anyhow, unknown forces are at work. Enjoy today’s village girl media!


There’s just no way she should be able to carry all those weapons.




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More action to come any moment now. Until then join us for more media reviews each and everyday here at, Anime Solution!

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Xunder (@guest_134)
5 years ago

Lupusregina best girl

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Xunder
5 years ago

I don’t know too much about her, but I can say she does have a wicked smile. Hopefully her role to come is exciting, as well.