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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

Not one, but two dates!

Suzuha’s fear of not being born is getting to her. Daru has not been spending any time trying to form a relationship with Yuki. As such a little bit of a push is needed. In order to get Daru back into the dating game, Suzuha produces a few lies. These lies are mostly harmless, yet they do get Daru into motion. Additionally, Suzuha has called in reinforcements. She’ll be needing all the help she can get to set up the perfect date. Now, once the perfect dating man was established, well he wasn’t quite the normal lovable Hashida. During the date Yuki clearly wasn’t to excited about this change. When it came time to confessing she ran off before he could finish. This crushed Daru, still he’s not about to give up here. The one most hurt by this is his daughter. He knows how much effort she put into this, and he won’t let her push go to waste. That same night Daru plans another date with Yuki. However, this time he’s going to be his normal self. The second date would be a day these two would not soon forget. Hashida’s confession is accepted.

Episode 15 is now my 2nd favorite from Zero. Honestly these romance episodes tend to be the best. The crowning moment was Daru’s way of confessing his love for Yuki. Normally anime does this in a generic way, but Daru made his moment spectacular. That’s how you know it was genuine love. Moreover, looks like a scornful brainwashed victim has been on the prowl. Suzuha and Kagari have some unfinished business, and we’ll be getting to that real soon. Anyhow, date night awaits. Enjoy the love birds!





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