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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 42

by Yumiko

Infiltration successful.

Noelle’s hard work has gotten the Black Bulls into the underwater temple safely. The Bulls are cautious upon their arrival, but to their surprise they are greeted with friendly faces. Those that inhabit the surrounding lands are ecstatic to have some outsiders visit. However, the Bulls have no time to play. Their mission is of utmost importance to the kingdom. Making haste for the temple they are met by the high priest. He knows why they have come, and gets right down to business. In order for the Bulls to earn the magic stone they must best his 9 mages. It’s time for an all out fight between the subordinates while the heads watch in delight.

Today’s episode was quite the stretch. If you enjoy the comedy bits in Black Clover, then you’ll love this one. However, let me just say this episode was overloaded with jokes. There’s nothing wrong with adding comedy, although some of it here felt really forced. Nevertheless, they got to fill out that run time. We are coming to the end, after all. Anyhow, it’s going to be non-stop action starting next week. So, enjoy today’s final happy moments.





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The action begins next time. Be sure to return next Tuesday for more Black Clover!

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