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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Now that’s one beautiful bloody smile.

Rea’s punishment was severe. She will no longer be allowed out of the house even for school. Her father will be keeping her locked away inside. Additionally, Danichirou plans to punish the one that Rea has been meeting with. Chihiro’s family jewels are in trouble, however Rea eavesdrops on her father’s plan. She won’t let another person she’s gotten close to suffer because of her. Doing the unthinkable, Rea sneaks out of the house. She’s off to warn Chihiro, but little did she know this would be her last living day. While heading for the spot where our couple always met up, Danichirou suddenly appeared. He will be taking her back home by force, if necessary. It was at this point Rea had finally had enough. Unfortunately, this is also where things took an ugly turn. Babu’s sudden arrival throws Danichirou into a fit. Seeing the undead beast beside his daughter forced him to take action. Sadly this action caused Rea to go flying. Death is what awaited her at the bottom of the mountain side, yet that won’t be the case today. Chihiro’s elixir of undeath worked.

I hope you’re ready to see some innards spilled. Rea’s plummet down was brutal. The pain she experienced within that moment must of been unimaginable. Luckily, she won’t be feeling pain any longer. Rea is now a zombie. While the whole ordeal between Rea and Danichirou was going on, Chihiro was watching down below. However, he never expected this outcome. Rea’s resurrection was a shock to everyone, but now he’s gotta take responsibility. He did make a promise to her, right? Chihiro’s dream stands before him, although is he ready to take this on? Anyhow, her final moments await. Enjoy the fall!





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Carson (@guest_3998)
3 years ago

these are awesome bro thank you!!!