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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Ready to mess it up?

Karen’s request to mess her up has been accepted. Although what he’ll be messing up is her wedding ceremony. In order to finally escape the grips of her father and the island, Setsuna will be running away with the bride. Combing the efforts of several parties, Karen’s big day is crashed successfully. Finally her long awaited dream has arrived. Together with Setsuna she leaves Urashima to see her mother. Upon the mainland Karen is nervous, but very excited to reunite with her mother. Unfortunately, once they got to their destination the unexpected greeted them. Not all dreams can be happily fulfilled.

I’ll leave the fate of Karen’s mother for those that make it down below. Moreover, with the completion of this episode Karen’s major problem has been solved. She’ll still be included in the story, but probably won’t get as much attention. Now, the focus will be shifting to our smallest heroine. Sara’s problem has been given the least amount of attention thus far. However, it looks like time is running out for her. What this means we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyhow, the mainland awaits. Enjoy the wedding!


Nice boat.




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One arc may be over, but another begins next time. Join us for plenty of more island fun here at, Anime Solution!

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