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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

I hope you’re ready?!

The time for practice is over. Class A next big step into hero society has arrived. Passage of the provisional exam will allow one to become a semi-pro. That means our young heroes can finally begin their career paths. However, the entire class lacks two crucial details before the testing begins. First, it was believed that 50% of participants would pass. Unfortunately, times have changed. In order to produce the very best for society only 1% of entrants will pass this time. Out of the 1,540 competing students only a 100 will walk forward to the next stage. As for the other important detail, well Class A would realize something was up once the exam began. Everyone has their eyes on them. This is due to all their strengths and weakness being known to the world. Still, these boys and girls aren’t apart of class A for nothing. They’re more than capable of holding their ground against the mass of plebs.

Going into this exam there’s also a few other important things to note. Not everyone within the class is willing to work as a team. This could mean not everyone is going to pass. Working alone does come with its drawbacks. Additionally, I would keep an eye out for anything odd. This wouldn’t be a hero society without some villains. Anyhow, the real action of the exam begins next time. Enjoy the surprise!





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Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Be on the look out for any suspicious students, and be sure to join us next Saturday for more hero action!

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