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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

It began in Carne Village…

You remember Carne Village, right? If not then that’s quite understandable. The events that took place there happened at the very start of season 1. The Slane Theocracy used this village in order to bait out Gazef. He was to be assassinated, however the future world ruler intervened. Ainz did not only save this man life, but the entire village. Since then this village has been under his protection. Now, originally he had no larger goal in mind for this village. Although not everyone saw it this way. Demiurge saw it as the first step to his Master dream. That dream being world conquest of course. Ainz may have not have realized this, nevertheless the path to conquering the world began in this tiny village.

I hope we’re all in for more world building this season. As I stated last season, Overlord isn’t just about Ainz. There’s a lot going on in this world, and Ainz can’t be everywhere at once. With that in mind, episode 2 had a focus on two lesser characters. Enri and Nphirea, who are both residents of Carne Village living relatively peaceful lives. However, a new threat to the village has been discovered. While on an herb picking expedition they rescue a hobgoblin. He alerts them that the balance within the Great Forest has been disrupted. The factions controlling the East and West have teamed up. What this means for the nearby Carne Village will be revealed soon. Anyhow, ready for some small town living? Enjoy the village!







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Looks like trouble is heading for the village. Will they be ready this time? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution!

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