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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 41

by Yumiko

Just let it all out.

Noelle’s job for the up coming mission has her in a training frenzy. If she is not able to control her magic, then the mission will have been a failure before they even begin. However, she’s not going to let that happen. Upon the shores she works tirelessly to hone her single spell. While practicing for the day big, Noelle and Asta overhear an enchanting tune. They are led to a young aspiring idol. Kahono was embarrassed at first, but overjoyed to suddenly make two new friends. Additionally, she has been watching Noelle practice. She understands her struggles, and gives her some advice. First, she’s holding back her magic. While she focuses on suppressing herself it leaves the spell to go off wildly. Second, she simply needs to relax. Kahono believes if she is able to re-call on some happier times she’ll be able to push through. Unfortunately, Noelle only had her unloving family growing up. Now, as the days go by she continues to put in her all. The last day before the mission came around, yet she still wasn’t ready. It was at this point Asta told her not to hold back anymore. If she lost control he would save her. She agrees, although she was still not able to clear her mind. Well, that was until some reinforcements showed up. Noelle has made happy memories, she just needed to be reminded. Her time spent within the Black Bulls has been a growing experience each day. The cheers from her comrades pushed her onto the next step. Her magic has been controlled.

Best Clover does it again. Honestly, Noelle is one of the main reasons I enjoy Black Clover so much. Her constant growth throughout the series is astonishing to watch. Those closest to her believed she was a mistake. However, she’ll prove them all wrong. Noelle will only continue to rise from this point forward. She’ll even one day make those that insulted her eat their words, but that’s for much later on. Anyhow, it’s time to see this beauty learn control. Enjoy the Dragon’s Cradle!





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The underwater temple awaits. Join us next week for the beginning of the end.

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