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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Can you hear the voices?

The disappearance of Kagari won’t be an easily solvable case. After that night no traces of her turned up for over 6 months. Summer has arrived, but the situation all around continues to look grim. Well, that was until a familiar gift showed up outside the lab. The object that Kagari always held so dearly was found by Suzuha. However, this object hasn’t just been sitting there for 6 months. Kagari visited the lab recently, and must of dropped it. Knowing something was off, Suzuha plans in anticipation for another lab invasion. Sure enough a masked individual shows up, yet the face behind that mask was a shocker. Kagari has finally turned up. Unfortunately, she’s only here for her mother’s gift. She’ll be taking it by force, too. Suzuha and Kagari go at it, although the fight ends in a draw once Daru appears. Kagari escapes, still a lot can be taken away from this deadly encounter.

Okabe was right on the money about the brainwashing. Kagari isn’t acting like herself at all. Still, this brainwashing had to begin before Kagari became a time traveler. It was at this point Suzuha finally remembered a crucial detail. In the not so distant future a certain professor became known for his ability to torment and brainwash others. Just who could this professor be? Moreover, 6 months have come and gone since Kagari’s disappearance. That’s 6 months of Okabe not adverting the worse possible future. As such, it’s time to take matters into their own hands. Suzuha and Daru are pressing forward without Okabe. However, they’ll need help in order to make this big leap. Maho has been pulled back into the fold. It’s time to restore the microwave. Anyhow, ready for some action? Enjoy the cat fight!


OP: The new opening uses a mix of frames from the previous one and adds new scenes, as well.


Episode 14:


ED: This is the third show I’m covering this season where the ending is just a character walking.




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Do you know who the professor is? Stick around for more major developments here at, Anime Solution!

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