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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

It’s a beautiful day for a trip to the beach!

Unfortunately not everyone can come out to play in the sun. Now, as we found out last time, Rinne is able to withstand the sun. The only person holding her back is herself. Still, she’ll need a nudge to break out of her shell. Setsuna’s got just the plan to lure her out. Everyone but Rinne will be down on the beach having lots of loud sensual fun. She may be up in the house, but the excitement is sure to pull her out. It took quite some time, yet the bait ended up working. However, pulling her outside may have not been for the best. While they explored the beach an abandoned house was found. This house threw Rinne into an instant panic. There goes the happy beach memories.

Episode 3 was mainly a fun one. Still, this episode further highlighted the issues of two of the girls. First, Rinne’s panic attack wasn’t without just cause. The house that they found is where she use to meet up with Setsuna. She may have forgotten everything else, but she won’t forgot her precious Setsuna. Moreover, Karen’s battle against her oppressive father only continues to grow worse. Her goal is to one day leave the island, and find her mother on the mainland. However, is that truly what she desires? Karen has had plenty of opportunities to leave Urashima. Although we might be getting close to the reason she has remained. Today’s episode ends with quite the engaging dialogue. Karen’s ready to be messed up by Setsuna. I’ll let y’all interpret that as you will. Anyhow, the fan service awaits. Enjoy the dream sequences!





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Will our MC mess up Karen? Find out if purity is in jeopardy next Sunday here at, Anime Solution!

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