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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Bust a move!

The next stage for our young heroes is in sight. However, they are not quite ready. Before taking on the provisional license exam they’ll need to establish signature moves. They have 10 days to each create 2 significant maneuvers. Everyone in the class has long had something in mind. Well, everyone expect for Izuku. Knowing that his arms are on the verge of collapse he’s left with quite the predicament. Still, he has plenty of support around to help him out. All Might slips him some advice, but it will be up to him on how to use it.

Going forward, Izuku believes that upgrades to his current costume could help him out. He seeks equipment that would lessen the strain on the ligaments found within the arms. At the development studio he runs into a character we’ve yet to see this season, Hatsume. This wild experimental gal may be slightly off-beat, but she means well. Her determination to never give up, and keep on trying new things is her golden talent. It’s only been 4 months since she started, yet she’s tried so many different things. When Izuku heard all that it spur him to try something new. Maybe instead of only using his arms it’s time to use a different sets of limbs. Ready for the Full Cowl?

All Might’s advice as a teacher is getting through. Instead of just imitating him, Izuku is finally spreading out his own wings. Even if he can’t smash with his arms he still has his legs. Moreover, it’s good to see Izuku grow a bit. Being a All Might clone wouldn’t of gotten him far. He is suppose to become a legendary hero after all. Hopefully he continues to forge his own personal move set. Anyhow, the 10 days of training are coming to a close. Enjoy Hatsume’s Hatsumes.


OP: Time for a new opening in celebration of the 2nd half of season 3.


Episode 14:


ED: We’re also gifted a new Ending. Nothing special, though.




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Next time the test for the provisional license begins! Join us for the start of a action packed arc here at, Anime Solution.

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