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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

She’s living the good life!

Let’s begin by introducing Satou Matsuzaka, and her love story. Satou has quite the reputation, one that involves being really loose. It’s no secret that she goes from one boy to another without a moment notice. Well, that was until recently. True love has found its way into Satou’s life. Walking home one day she stumbles upon a young girl. Shio is a light in the darkness for Satou. Taking in the young girl turns Satou’s life around. Finally she knows what love is, but there’s one big problem. Their relationship could crumble from numerous outside threats. As such, Satou will do everything in her power to protect her new happy sugar life.

All right let’s break down what’s really going on here. First thing everyone should recognize in this story is that they’re all insane in the membrane. Yeah, we’re dealing with a bunch of characters who are not quite right, but they do yield a great entertainment value. Also, do note that this story starts off with a kidnapping and a murder. What happened that night will be revealed later on in the show. Moreover, the focus for now will be on how Satou will protect her relationship with Shio. Episode 1 showed how she handled her lack of Shio time. A 2nd job was needed to help take care of Shio, although once work drama began things got complicated. Forcing this girl away from her happiness only spells doom for the other party. Once those eyes get swirling they don’t play. Anyhow, Satou’s happy life has been protected on this night. Enjoy the lovers!




Episode 1:






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