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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

The week of revenge is here!

Haruka’s defeat was only the beginning. She struck a deal for a revenge match with Narumi, and has been given a week until the rematch. During that week Haruka has a lot to do. She may be a new comer to the sport, but she’s eager to learn. First, she’ll need to adjust her uniform. A tight bikini keeps the sand away! Learning the rules and plays from coach Kanata came next. Defeating the local champions will take everything they’ve got and then some. Now, Haruka and Kanata only need to score once to win. That’s easier said than done since Ayasa and Narumi won’t be going easy. Still, even when it came down to match point they did not falter. An unexpected play was all our duo needed to pull out the revenge victory.

Congratulations Haruka, you’re only going to rise from here! Moreover, this episode went in depth about the rigged relationship between Kanata and Narumi. These two use to be a pair. However, Kanata ended up leaving Narumi and the sport behind. This was mainly due to Kanata’s short height. In beach volleyball being short brings no advantages. Knowing that her height would limit the pair going forward, Kanata vanished from the scene. She believed it was for the best for Narumi, yet that may of not been the right call. Narumi was brought to tears during the end here. Not because she lost, but because someone else was able to spur Kanata forward. Anyhow, ready for that revenge? Enjoy the match!





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She’s obtained her first victory, but we’ve got much more to go! Stay tuned for more beach fun here at, Anime Solution.

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