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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Quest complete.

Life in a new world won’t be easy without some money. As such it’s time for our trio to head over to the Adventurer’s Guild. It is here where they will begin registrations, and learn about their levels. However, accounting for Diablo’s power won’t be possible. He is far beyond anything this guild has yet to encounter. Now, seeing such an unbelievable sight calls for the Guild Master to step forth. Sylvie is pleased to have Diablo, but assigning a proper mission to him is a bit troublesome. Still, one did come in recently that could work. It’s from the Mage’s Association, although the request is highly suspicious.

Obtaining snake eyes? No problem for the Demon Lord from another world. Unfortunately, the quest they embarked on was a trap. Elves have come to rescue their princess. Wait, a princess? Turns out Shera is the princess of the Greenwood kingdom, and word has gotten out she has been enslaved. Her countrymen have come to her aid, but it is all based on a lie. A lie from a jealous mage that Diablo has already once defeated. The elves do try to forcefully take back Shera, yet they didn’t expect the unstoppable Diablo. Shera will be staying right where she is.

Episode 2 was another delightful view. We’ve got action, comedy, and plenty of fan service to go around. The only odd thing I must report is, they cut out the white knight. He’s nothing major, but I did enjoy his introduction. He’ll more than likely still show up, however it probably won’t be til episode 3 or 4. Moreover, they really have toned down the embarrassment of slave collar ordeal. Seemed like a major cause for attention in the manga at least. Still, everything is going great so far just a little fast. Anyhow, your Demon Lord awaits. Enjoy the quest!





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