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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

She’ll never let go.

The events that took place during episode 3 may have been an exciting time, but our heroines did lose in the end. In fact, from the very beginning they were destined to lose the fragment. Cocona and Papika need to be as one if they ever plan to beat team Yayaka. Unfortunately, Cocona is still skeptical about this whole situation she suddenly found herself in. Regardless, these two need to get to bonding! As such they will be spending an entire weekend together. What could go wrong? Well, our girls ended up finding themselves trapped on a deserted island. It is here where they will either unite or fall. The out look may be slightly gray for Cocona, yet Papika will always remain by her side.

I remember when I first viewed this episode. Papika’s unbreakable will to never let go of Cocona is truly amazing. Still, even now it’s heartwarming to see the blossoming friendship between these two. Even though Papika wishes to collect the fragments found within Pure Illusion, she already has what she most desires right beside her. Cocona, you best never let go of her. Anyhow, ready to synchronize that impedance? Enjoy the bonding!





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