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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Set course for doom.

5 years ago the thee great families found upon the island of Urashima suffered greatly. The Garandou family was attacked by an arsonist. Both of Sara’s parents were killed in the fire. During this period of time, Rinne mysteriously vanished. She returned having lost her memories, and believing she had become infected. The disease, Soot Blight Syndrome, is real, however Rinne does not actually have it. Upon her return she became consumed by the island’s local legend. Rinne has taken up the role of one of her ancestors, yet there will be no salvation if she continues down this path. It will be up to Setsuna to free her from her broken state.

Episode 2 had two major reveals about the island. First, we learned about the local legend. This legend contains the roots of the three great families. Our 4 major cast members are trapped within a circle of jealousy. Well, at least that’s how it began. Setsuna and Rinne were forbidden lovers. At the same time, Karen was also in love with Setsuna. In order to spite Rinnee and their forbidden love she placed a curse upon her. Now, this curse is more than likely what has been slowly destroying the island. The curse or really the disease is Soot Blight Syndrome. This particular disease has caused the island to be quarantine from the mainland. On top of that there is no known cause or cure. This island truly is doomed. Anyhow, it’s time to avoid the sunlight. Enjoy the legend!




Episode 2:

Not again…



Thank you, Feel.




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