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Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

She’s back!

Today’s special review takes place between episodes 4 and 5. Now, if you re-call there was a rather large gap between these two episodes. We went from writing party invitations to assisting a princess with her love. This special episode is to help bridge the gap between Violet’s large jump in experience. So, what does take place here? Violet has been contracted to ghostwrite for a opera singer. Unfortunately, the topic she must write about is slightly beyond her. At this point, Violet still struggled to figure out what love is. Her various attempts to please her client were turned down one after another. Still, she persisted. Violet researched, sought out the help of her fellow peers, and read other love letters until she finally got it all down. Combining all she had learned resulted in one tearful, but pleasing letter for her client.

The client featured during this episode shares a very similar circumstance to Violet. War ruins everything, and that goes double for love. This talented singer lost her love to the war, yet can’t quite let go. She even frequently goes to the train station in hopes that one day he’ll show up. Coming to grips with reality after such a tragic loss is never easy. Fortunately, we have the rising star ghostwriter here to help mend her broken heart. Violet’s dedication to her new calling in life is always magical to watch. Her ability will only climb from here. Anyhow, ready to watch the performance? Enjoy today’s masterful media.





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Additionally, here’s one with sound.


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