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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

How could you be so heartless!

Berserker of Red has come to kill the oppressors. His suicidal charge was unexpected by both camps, but rest assured this charge won’t go to waste. Those on the Black are more than ready for this mad dog. Spartacus is not only defeated, he has been captured for the use of the other faction. Caster of Black has gotten himself quite the powerhouse. Spartacus, you have now joined the oppressors!

While this is all going on an opportunity opened up for Sieg to escape. Aided by Rider of Black, Sieg almost makes a clean escape. Unfortunately, they are caught by a surveillance owl. Saber of Black and his Master are first to encounter them. Astolfo is unwilling to step down, and a fight ensues. Rider is bested by Saber, although Saber is willing to listen to why he did all this. Rider’s words reignited something long forgotten inside this stoic knight. Moreover, Seig and Gordes ended up coming to blows. Gordes was a tad too much for the new born, though. Nevertheless, once Saber of Black saw the scene he now had a wish of his own. Siegfried would not make the same mistake he made in life. His life would be sacrificed with meaning for another.

Episode 4 makes a rather interesting change from the source material. Our beloved Ruler, Jeanne, isn’t suppose to show up until all the action is over. She does eventually link up with Sieg, but that’s after she investigate everything that took place that night. Regardless, her showing up early doesn’t change anything going forward. Additionally, episode 4 has two very important scenes that shouldn’t be glanced over. While Sieg was escaping he saw how his fellow brothers and sisters were treated. That image would influence him heavily moving forward. The other important thing of note is, Sieg didn’t just receive any normal heart. By taking on Siegfried’s heart he has been fundamentally changed, although we’ll be seeing more of that later on. Anyhow, the action awaits. Enjoy the review!





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