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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 39

by Yumiko

And the traitor is?!

Picking right back up from last time, it’s time to unmask the traitor. Gueldre Poizot, you’ve been outed. The captain of the Purple Orca’s is a man known for his underhanded deeds, yet to think he would go so far as to selling out his own kingdom. Like the traitorous dog that he is, Gueldre denies any wrong doings. He even attempts to flee, but is stopped by Asta and Rill. Once captured the full scope of his corruption is revealed. He is the man responsible for allowing the capital raid to happen. On this day Fuegoleon may rest easy, although Gueldre wasn’t the only traitor among the captains. After the meeting, Rhya shows himself as one of the captains not caught. Now, just who could be the other traitor?

During the meeting one important detail was kept back. Remember the magic stones? The goal of the Eye of the Might Sun is to secure all of these stones. Once they have them all their goal will be reached. Their true forms will finally be revealed, and their revenge upon the Clover Kingdom can begin. There are 3 more stones out there to be obtained. Unfortunately, Julius had to keep this detail away from everyone except the Black Bulls. He feels strongly that other traitors among the magical knights remain. The Bulls are the only knight organization free from the corruption of the top. So, they are tasked with securing the stone found within the underwater temple. Although before we get there it’s time for a trip to the beach!

Today’s episode was quite soul crushing to watch. I’ve said this a number of times now, but yikes! Episode 39 really did a disservice to the source material. The art during this one ruined the impact of several scenes. Especially when the captains were suppose to be showing an overwhelming force it just felt disjointed. A part of this is because they extended Gueldre’s capture, still the art during this one was horrid. You’ll see once you take a scroll down. Anyhow, we’re off to the beach next time. Enjoy the capture!





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Next time we’re off to the beach! Join us next Tuesday for some summer fun.

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