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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Fleeting memories…

Kagari has regained some of her memories, but what about the rest? Even those that she retained are not quite right. She re-calls just about everything with her mother, yet after that things become distorted. Kagari and Suzuha have very different recounts of previous events. Now, the big question at hand is how can one only remember select memories, then forget 10 years worth. Okabe turns to Braun for this answer. Brainwashing is the only possible conclusion one can reach with Kagari’s circumstances. Still, how and where did this all take place? During all this time Moeka has been on the case. She has found a building that should not be. Together with Okabe they set out to explore this building. What they found is startling to say the least. Kagari’s cage has been found.

Episode 13 had a few minor things cooking in the background. First, throughout this episode a van was going around playing a particular song. While this isn’t out of the ordinary there was a meaning behind it. Once Kagari heard the song something triggered within her. She has now gone missing, and her whereabouts are completely unknown. Moreover, we’re shown a sequences of flashbacks featuring Kagari as a child. I won’t spell it all out since that will more than likely be for next week. However, one should pay particular attention to the chart and the face on the doctor for hints going forward. Anyhow, our living red head has been taken. Enjoy the party!





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We may be leaving off on a cliffhanger, but we’ll be back to cover it all next Wednesday. So, be sure to return for best anime media around!

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