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One Room 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 0

by Yumiko

Self-insert hype!

All right, not quite yet. We’re starting off with episode 0 for the second season. So, what does this episode include? It’s a prologue of your previous moments with the girl next door, Yui. Remember all those breath taking moments, well now it’s time to re-call on them. You’ve advanced far with Yui. You two are destined to be together, and now you’re ready to head to the beach. Although that will be for next time.

Unforutenly season 2 does come with some bad news. If you are a fan of your little sister and the childhood friend, well they’ve been cut. We’ll be getting two new girls after Yui’s arc is over. Personally I’m sad to see Natsuki leave us, but I’m glad that One Room is back. Anyhow, it’s time to remember. Enjoy the media!







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We truly begin next Monday. Now, be sure to return to get your maximum self-insertion in here at, Anime Solution!

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Eren yuno
Eren yuno (@guest_104)
5 years ago

Me gusta como se ve este anime:D