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Hanebado! T.V. Media Review Episode 1 (One-shot)

by Yumiko

Practice makes perfect.

Before jumping on down to the media please note that this is a one off review. In preparation for the summer season many different shows were requested. Not all of them made the cut, but two were really battling it out for the Sunday spot. I went into Hanebado and Island blind, however Island ended up winning in the end. Still, I gave each of them a fair watch. Now, not knowing which I’d prefer over the other I ended up still working on the media for Hanebado. It’s a excellent first episode without a doubt. Unfortunately I’m one person about to tackle 10 shows in a weekly rotation. Anyhow, the media here is still what I would of done if this had won out. So, enjoy this small taste of badminton!




Episode 1:




Click here for the WebM album.


Thanks for viewing this one-shot! Look forward to other reviews each and everyday.

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