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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Welcome to the island!

Let’s begin by introducing our male lead, Setsuna. Well, at least that’s the name he’ll be taking up. Setsuna’s introduction is one shrouded in mystery. He has washed up upon the shores of Urashima, and has lost a majority of his memories. The only things he remembers is he must save a girl, save the world, and he must kill someone. On top of all that he also claims to be a time traveler. Yeah, quite the bold claim, but throughout this episode he experiences a few sets of flashbacks. One of them is even able to lead him to a runaway heroine.

Speaking of heroines, Island’s contains three unique girls who will be accompany our MC. Each of them is also apart of Urashima’s three great families. We begin by meeting, Karen. She appears to be your typical twin-tail tsundere, but on the inside she’s dealing with a number of issues. Next up we meet, Rinne. Rinne came to Setsuna’s aid in order for him to stay on the island. Outsiders are not welcome here, but she’s now employed him. Rinne is also dealing with a very serious issue. If she is ever touched by sunlight she’ll die. And last but not least, we meet Sara. She’s our loli shrine maiden that has quite a big duty. She is tasked with saving the island from its current path of doom.

Episode 1 was mainly all about introductions. Although there’s certainly a lot going on in the background. The island Setsuna washed up on has made for one interesting setting. Things are not right here, and he’s come to maybe set things straight. Moreover, I must say Feel did a fantastic job with this first episode. This is how an anime should start off visually, strong! Additionally, the insert song was truly touching. Rinne, keep on singing. Anyhow, enjoy our first media presentation of Island!





Click here for the WebM album.


Also, here’s that last WebM with sound.


Join us next Sunday as we delve deeper into this mysterious island.

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Eren yuno
Eren yuno (@guest_103)
5 years ago

Gracias, excelentes capturas en HD

Xunder (@guest_101)
5 years ago

Is the series worth watching? There were mixed reviews about this.

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Xunder
5 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode. If I didn’t this wasn’t going to be reviewed. It was either this, Hanebado, or neither. As for others out there, well the biggest complaint I’ve seen is this doesn’t follow the source material. At this point people should realize that a faithful VN adaptation is near impossible. A VN contains way to much content to ever fit into an anime. Even Fate/Stay Night has problems after all of these years of adaptations. So, if you’re just an anime viewer, then this episode should be a solid start. It was all about introductions, and gave just enough hints for things to come. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to it at least. Try viewing a few more reviews of it here if you’re really uncertain about it.