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Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Remember when excellence began?

It’s that time again. Time to remember when this beauty really took off. Well, at least for me. Anyhow, we’re back to the school days for Violet. This is where her first steps to becoming a star Doll could be spotted. Additionally, this episode introduces Luculia. She’s the red headed beauty of the show, but she does have bit of a problem. A problem that Violet will help mend, and set two siblings back onto the right track.

As I’ve said before, these reviews are just general improvements from the TV versions. I can’t say I’ve seen any additions or changes, but the re-watch experience is great. Only the top of the line stuff for Violet. So, ready to learn how to ghost write? Enjoy the blu-rays!





Click here for the WebM album.


I heard the unaired episode is coming soon. Stay tuned for more Violet Evergarden here at, Anime Solution!

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