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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

Today on Japan’s most wanted…

One week has passed since the incident at Mitaka. This tragedy has accounted for over 500 deaths, and some 2,000 casualties. Since then things have change drastically. The whereabouts of Ryou and Methode are unknown. These two had no choice but to go into hiding after their blunder. Moreover, the free roam of a super AI has called for the organization IAIA to step in. They are a worldwide group whose purpose is to overseer each super AI. Lacia’s actions could very well doom humanity if not properly handled. Still, IAIA is willing to talk to our two fugitives. The government may want them dead, but maybe an understanding of sorts can be reached.

A meeting upon ground zero is where we learn the truth. Astraia has come to explain the danger of what a super AI is capable of. The Hazard that took place 42 years ago was a massive earthquake that heavily crippled the Kanto region. At the time the government turned to Ariake for answers. This was Japan’s first super AI. Ariake set out plans for recovery, however with limited resources things became troublesome. In order to remedy this problem Ariake was connected to the internet. It was at this point things turned ugly. Ariake did her job, but at the cost of human lives. Those found unworthy by society were left to starve to death. In the end it was deemed Ariake was far to dangerous to keep around. Ground zero is Ariake’s final resting place.

Ariake did nothing wrong. No, really it’s the fault of human error that this was even allowed to happen. The government dropped the ball hard with this one. Even today when programs learn from the internet nothing good comes of it. It has been done multiple times, and the results are always less than pleasing. Why in an advanced future society they didn’t see this coming is beyond me. Additionally, they didn’t even set any boundaries or parameters for Ariake. They were practically asking for this to happen. Even Lacia could see the foolishness of the past. She has thus stated that she won’t make the same mistake when forging a new future. Arato believes in her, and so will I.

All right time for some not so good news. Beatless will be on break until September after episode 20 airs. So, that means after this Friday Beatless reviews will be ending for the time being. Now, as for the coverage of the last 4 episodes, well… I’ll get to them, but I can’t say they will have priority when the time comes. Still, they will be finished in due time. Anyhow, it’s time for this week super AI talk down. Enjoy the Hazard!





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Join us this Friday for one last Beatless review before the break!

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