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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 38

by Yumiko

Calling in all captains!

Ever since the capital raid things just haven’t added up. There is a traitor among the high ranks, and it’s about time to reveal their face. Now, if you remember 2 prisoners were taken back then. However, gaining anything out of them was impossible. A spell was placed upon each of them to ensure they wouldn’t leak any crucial details. Luckily, the Clover Kingdom has something that no body else has. A boy that can break all spells. Asta has been requested to dispel the mind protection on the prisoners. With just a tap of this blade, Marx can now pull out every little thing from their brains. So, just who is the traitor?

We’re left off on a cliffhanger with this one. Next time a captain will be outed for the dog he is. Moreover, episode 38 mixed things up, and had some filler. That whole part with Yuno and friends was anime original. This episode should of started with Asta waking up in the capital after the battle. Marx then immediately request his aid with the prisoners. Instead we had him being healed by Mimosa, then having some original eating contest. After all that he finally get the request in the anime. Episode 38 also jumped ahead to the tail end of chapter 56. Although looking back it fits in well since they changed things up a bit. Other than that the captains meet up was spot on. I will say one thing about it, though. They made it way to obvious who the traitor is if you paid attention. Anyhow, a kiss awaits. Enjoy today’s banter!





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Excited for the water temple? Next time we learn the juicy details from the traitor, and begin to dive on down! So, be sure to return here next Tuesday!

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