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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Time for a little resurrection.

Operation revive Baabu has reached a stand still. Chihiro’s work on the elixir of undeath is missing a key ingredient. Each poison he has attempted to use yields no results. Although there’s one unlikely flower he has neglected to use. The symbol of the Sanka house, Hortensia. This common flower can be found all over, yet it wasn’t until Rea suggested it that it was given a shot. After processing all the materials, Baabu was fed the potion. Unfortunately, nothing appeared to come of it. Well, that was until Chihiro arrived home. His dead pet has risen anew!

Episode 2 was only partly about the creation of the elixir. Woven in between was Rea’s unfortunate family circumstances. The Sanka house is a complex one. Rea’s relationship with her father isn’t ordinary. Each year Rea is forced to take a nude set of pictures for him. Her father’s reasoning behind this is simply to record her growth. Additionally, while she lives under his roof everything is oppressive. She must do as he says, or else. Anyone that would dare interfere with his precious daughter is always cut out of the picture. Even if you’re a simple maid, a stray cat, or a best friend. No one is to trifle with Danichirou’s beloved jewel. Now, Rea’s life may be a living hell, but things are soon to change. Unknown to Chihiro, she slipped away with a bit of the potion. When she was caught sneaking out by her father it was the last straw. Rea is ready to end it all.

Hooray, another Sankrea review has finally made its way here. Yeah, it has been that long. Hopefully the next one will come much sooner. Anyways, Rea has drank the elixir of undeath, and the results may come as a shock to some. Although that will be for next time. Moreover, the visual direction of this episode was beautiful. From start to finish it all flowed effortlessly. Even though it was jumping back and forth everything fit so well together. I can’t say I see this too often with anime. Anyhow, ready to see that undead smile? Enjoy the zombies!


OP: Quite the simple opening, but nothing wrong with that.


Episode 2:


ED: Now this is an ending worth watching. Rea is truly beautiful.




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That’s it for this tragic story, well at least for today. Sankrea reviews will continue, but just know that it may be some time before it returns. Still, continue to look forward to more here at, Anime Solution!

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