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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

It’s a confrontation 6 years in the making.

Bakugou may have slipped away again, but All Might is hot on his trail. He’s coming in from above, but All for One is ready to defy him. Saving Bakugou is his number one priority, yet at the same time it is holding him back. The boy’s presence disallows All Might from going all out. Now, there’s no one else to help step in on this fight. As such, unless an unknown factor steps up the day will be lost. Good thing Midoriya and friends are right around the corner. Fear has held them in place, still Midoriya knows when it’s time to act. His friend is right before him, and he won’t allow him to be taken away again. Although it’s going to take one crazy plan to get Bakugou out of there without fighting.

It’s probably for the best you witness how they get Bakugou away from the villains. It was quite something I’ll say. Down in the WebM section you’ll be able to see it all. Moreover, with Bakugou out of the way, All Might can finally fight. Unfortunately this looks like it just may be his last. Being number one can only last but so long. Still, going out while fighting the greatest evil is quite a way to go. The symbol of peace has at least got one more episode in him, though. Anyhow, Bakugou has been saved, so let’s dive on down. Enjoy today’s media!





Click here for the WebM album.


The symbol is fading… Find out who rises, and who falls next time here at, Anime Solution.

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