Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online T.V. Media Review Episode 9

It’s a massacre on two fronts.

They thought 7 teams could bring down team PM4, they thought wrong. Pito is ready to play, and heads will be rolling. Let none survive! Moreover, team LF has entered the thunderdome. Two lolis entered, but all they left was a field of corpses. By using pink smoke grenades the plebs never saw the pink devil coming. Now that the trash is out of the way a real team has appeared. Team MMTM has come to end LLENN’s reign.

Episode 9 is all about action. Pito’s massacre was quite the sight to behold. The skill difference really speaks volumes, and I can’t say this isn’t possible. I’ve seen similar situations in other games out there. Although the team LF situation is one that could probably resonate with more people. Just you and your friend taking on the world. Those are always fun moments in video games. Anyhow, the plebs are being cleared out. The real action begins next time. So, enjoy today’s warm up!





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We’re up against team MMTM next time. So, be sure to catch all the action here at, Anime Solution!

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