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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

The turning point has begun.

Nijimi’s death has broken Aya. Ever since that day she has locked herself away. Unable to cope with the reality of the situation, Aya is ready to take on everyone’s burden. She must be stronger in order to make sure that no one around her ever has to suffer again. First, she’ll be needing her stick back. Returning back to the scene came up with nothing, but a former enemy has revealed herself. Sarina knows the truth behind tempest, and will not be used as a dog by the admins. As such she’s temporarily willing to ally herself with Aya.

Moving forward these two planned to take on the world. However, they will be needing more stick power to do so. Relieving the other girls of their sticks lines up with Aya’s new mentality. She no longer wishes to see her friends suffer, and without their sticks they could go back to a normal life. Unfortunately once you’re in this game, you’re here for forever. Aya’s confrontation against them goes south fast. Once Tsuyuno slapped some sense back into her she gave in. They’re all in this together till the very end. Additionally, they will be taking a proactive approach to solving the problem now. The website is going down!

Won’t, forget, Alice. Alice who? Yeah, so from this point on wards consider everything anime original. A very important character has been left out. I’ve been saying it for a while now, but a lot has been cut over the course of this series. Today’s episode makes it very clear, too. Now, that doesn’t mean this adaptation has gone sour. It’s still an enjoyable watch, yet just know that we’re about to get a real rushed ending. Also, once it’s all over I’ll talk a bit more about the changes. I’d like to see how this ends first. Anyhow, everyone’s ready to take on the admins. The time to enjoy the media is now!





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The rebellion begins next time! Admins beware, the magical girls are coming.

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zovanovski (@sovanovski)
2 years ago

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