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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

The holidays are here.

It’s a Christmas episode, wait, it’s a birthday episode, hold on, it’s a New Year’s episode! Yeah, we’re all over the place with this one. Anyways, it’s a time for celebration, but not everyone is in the jolly spirit. This time of the year is when Ruki’s productivity is at an all time low. She longs for a love life, yet is way to bashful to know where to even begin. As the worrisome days fly by she forgets her most important date. Her birthday drops on Christmas eve, still her fellow housemates won’t be forgetting. On top that it’s a surprise birthday party, and it’s just what she needed. Her next deadline is approaching quickly.

Holiday time means family time. Unfortunately, Kaoruko’s parents forget to let her know they won a trip to Hawaii. She has no where to go, but her friends won’t just abandon her. Tsubasa steps up and takes her home, although Kaoruko is in for one jaw dropping experience. Tsubasa is a rich girl, and not only that her life away from home is a secret. Moreover, a new year is upon the cast. Time for out with the old, and in with the new. As such it’s time for a manga burning. No, not the angry type. All the old or unused papers will be used to cook this year sweet potatoes. Good thing Kaoruko has kept all her past failures. Let the roast begin!

Christmas time, truly a wonderful time of the year. Although in Japan Christmas is slightly different. In-case you didn’t know, Christmas is known as a time between lovers over there. That’s why Ruki is so worked up about obtaining a boyfriend. She may always be looking for a romantic relationship, but the time of the year kicked her into overdrive. Anyhow, today’s episode had a lot going on, so how about some media now. Enjoy the holidays!





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We’ve only got 2 more to go, but the fun never stops here. So, be sure to return next week for more, Comic Girls!

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