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Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken OVA Media Review

by Yumiko

Welcome to the dungeon.

After a day of fun at the arcade, Akiho and Haruka are met with a storm while walking home. In order to escape the rain they take shelter inside a hotel. Although this isn’t your normal run of the mill hotel. Once these two attempt to leave they find themselves trapped within a dungeon. Now, in order to leave they must preform an exciting act, or face punishment. They’re a bit reluctant at first, but once the mood is set things get steamy fast. Unfortunately the glorious moment is stolen by an unlikely set of toys. Moreover, during the 2nd half we’re presented with a game. All of the main heroines are included, and Haruka of course. However, this just might be one game Haruka won’t be enjoying. His family jewels are in for a beating with this one. Luckily, everything is only imagined.

Back when this show finished airing I was overjoyed. Not because I wanted it to end, but because it was the first show I fully reviewed here. At that time I was also in a world of pain. I was suffering from the flu, I didn’t have a chair or desk to work on, and I had to deal with an 11 year old laptop. Yeah, it’s a miracle I closed out the first season here without much delay. Unfortunately that also meant that the final review was a bit flaky word wise. Normally I like to give some final thoughts, but the circumstances held me back. Nearly half a year has now passed, and of course memories fade as well. Still, I did promise one thing. The OVA review is finally here! So, how about we get to the center fold? Enjoy today’s fine media!





Click here for the WebM album.


This may be the last of Sho-bitch here, but I’ll never forget it. So, here’s to the future, Akiho and Haruka. May we one day cross paths yet again.

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