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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 35

by Yumiko

Even those loved by mana can fall.

The battle between Licht and Yami rages on. However, this duel isn’t going anywhere fast. Yami’s dark magic is a direct counter to Licht’s light magic. The slow encompassing darkness will always devour the light. On the other hand, Licht’s abundance of mana puts him far above your average magical knight. Downing this man is going to take some precise timing and luck. Meanwhile, Finral’s rescue operation was a success. All the children and injured have been saved. Still, their fellow knights are battling out there. Finral doesn’t wish to return, but Gauche is willing to embrace the light once more. A magical knight duty never ends, and these two are back to the cave once more. Their arrival was just in time, too. Asta and Yami were staring right at death’s door. That was until Gauche activated his trap card, Mirror Force! Not even the light’s chosen can best the power of mirror magic.

Today’s episode was action packed. Although there were a few other things happening on the side. One thing everyone should take note of is Gauche’s wounds. When Licht came to rid the scum he came with a killing intent for everyone expect for Gauche. Now, this won’t make a lot of sense at the moment, but later down the line Gauche will have an important role to play. Moreover, now that Licht has been downed his top 3 are on there way. The Three Eyes are the current power houses of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Once they arrive the tide is sure to turn. Anyhow, it’s time to knock Licht down a peg. Enjoy today’s clash!





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The action isn’t over quite yet. More reinforcements are coming! So, be sure to return here next Tuesday for the latest developments.

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