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Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Time for something refreshing.

If it isn’t my favorite anime of winter 2018. It certainly hasn’t been long since the televised version aired, still it’s a joy to revisit this show. Back when Violet Evergarden began airing, I was truly uncertain how to feel about this series. The first 2 episodes really didn’t sell me. Episode 3 is where I originally began to see the sun shine. Although now that I’ve had a chance to look back, things weren’t so bad. Violet’s rough edges at the start are just part of her charm. She has got a lot of growing pains for sure, but it’s worth it to see this flower bloom.

In all honesty, my appreciation for this show grows each time I see it. Everyday I spend a lot of time looking at many different series. The majority of shows here take several hours or more to cover due to the complexity of their media. However, Violet Evergarden is my first case where things are different. The media is just clean. I don’t have to struggle to find decent stills, or the stitching isn’t near impossible, and there’s plenty of stunning moments to capture for WebMs. Now, don’t feel like I’m slapping every other show out there. There’s numerous shows out there that I appreciate, but from a media point of view this one is special. So, with that in mind I will no longer delay the best part. Enjoy the media!




Episode 2:






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