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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Let the games begin.

Squad Jam 2 has officially begun. Now, much like the beginning of the previous one, everyone is planning and waiting. Although we’ll be getting to the action a lot faster this time. Plebs beware, your cannon fodder days are numbered. Moreover, LLENN has only one goal in mind for this game. She must defeat Pito, but there’s just one problem. The favorites to win have all been spread apart as much as possible. Team LF won’t be seeing team PM4 for quite some time. Still, Pito has some trouble of her own. Several teams have come together in order to eliminate her squad. Unfortunately, these lesser players are walking into a massacre.

Today’s episode was just a taste of things to come. No big names have bitten the dust yet. Nevertheless, every player should be on their toes. Additionally, Fukaziroh received her first major moment during this episode. Yeah, she wrecked a bunch of plebs, but it’s her first step into this big world. I for one am looking forward to more explosive moments from her. Anyhow, the field has been set. So, let’s enjoy today’s edition of LLENN!





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This death game has only just begun. We’ve got 4 more action packed episodes to go! So, stay tuned for more Pink Devil here at, Anime Solution.

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