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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Did somebody order a hero?

Children step aside, the pro heroes have come in force. Their position in society as of late has been threaten far to much. In order to restore themselves, and uphold hero society a major take down is underway. The crowning piece of this operation is of course rescuing Bakugou. Once this boy is secured society can rest assured that heroes still have their place. Moreover, the villains believe they have the won the day. Their idleness caused them to be taken by surprise. Although they won’t be pinned down for long. The man behind everything has finally stepped out the shadows. All for One, has come out with an explosive entrance. Those that that did not fall before him are now stunned in shock and awe.

The greatest evil of this show has finally stepped forward. Many have fallen before him, and few have what it takes to down him. Nevertheless, a major confrontation is coming. All for One must be dealt with, but at what cost? Additionally, Bakugou has slipped away again. Saving this boy just isn’t easy. Hopefully next time someone grabs him and runs. Anyhow, this is only just the beginning of the long night to come. All Might won’t be resting easy after this one. So, let’s enjoy today’s hero packed media!





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The best has yet to come. Stay tuned for more, Boku no Hero Academia, here at, Anime Solution!

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