Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 8

Umi da~

Time for a beach episode with all your favorite magical girls! It’s their final chance to make some happy memories before the storm. Unfortunately one girl might not even make it that far. If you haven’t caught on yet, Tsuyuno is one fight away from the grave. Her continued usage has finally caught up to her. Even if she no longer fights her time is very short. As such, Aya invites everyone to the beach. It is here where Tsuyuno can let out one beautiful smile, and be together with Aya.

Remember last week? Well, we’ve got a new pantsu thief on the loose. Nijimi and Aya’s brother, Kaname, have formed an unlikely alliance. However, Kaname is the one in control here. He will use Nijimi just as if she were a puppet. Finding out about magical girl site and her stick was easy. Now, the beach also presented a unique opportunity for Kaname. All the girls would be away from their belongings. As such the panties were ripe for the taking. Moreover, Nijimi’s number one fan has been devastated since her retirement. On top of this he saw Kaname and Nijimi together. After witnessing that he could no longer see straight. Only vengeance was in his heart now, and Kaname would be the object for his retribution. Sadly this wayward fan took a knife to a magic fight.

Episode 8 really expanded upon some scenes. The time between Aya and Tsuyuno up in the sky was truly sweet. The source may not have included it, but this was an appropriate expansion upon their relationship. Additionally, Kaname and the super fan really had their moment today. I was a bit surprised by how long they dragged out the scene, yet it really drove the point across. Aya, your brother needs help. Anyhow, ready to be serviced? Enjoy the beach beauties!





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Fun time is over. Things are about get real serious going forward. So, be sure to stick around for more here at, Anime Solution!

5 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 8

  1. This anime is pretty dark isn’t it? I think mahou shojo ore is a better anime (^^)

    1. Yeah, this one is for sure on the darker side of things. Still, it’s an entertaining watch. It may be loosely following the source material, but it has its moments.

      1. Somehow, i just couldn’t bear to watch cute mahou shojo to be bullied and tortured in such a way. It aches my heart seeing them like this (T^T)

        1. Yeah, once a girl takes a hold of her magical stick they are set to doom. Although the bullying did stop after episode 1. Now, they just have to deal with a world ending crisis, or face extinction.

          1. Im looking forward how this anime will ends, hopefully it’s a happy ending for them.

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