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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Have we reached the tipping point?

Kaos-sensei has been rejected yet again. Time after time she is only met with rejection by her editor. Now, Amisawa means well by turning her down each time. She can see a rising talent within Moeta, however she still has a long ways to go. Unfortunately Kaos-sensei is losing hope. Normally she’s more than willing to keep on trying, but today’s rejection got to her. Fortunately she got a solid support group around her. Moreover, Amisawa is beginning to fear that Moeta may gave up. After a long night of fun and drinks, Amisawa decides a change is needed. Instead of cold hard rejections she will encourage Kaos-sensei to push forward. Additionally, her drafts will now be graded. Hopefully these new measures keep her going.

Episode 8 finally gives some focus to the adults in the cast. They may not be main characters, but they can have a good time, too! These three grew up together, and have remained good friends. Even after so much time their lives are as connected as ever. Furthermore, looks like some bad news is about to drop for the girls. The dorm they live in is scheduled to be torn down. What this means for everyone currently living there has yet to be seen, still not everyone is going to be happy about this. Anyhow, time to bust out the drinks. Enjoy the girls night out!



ED: A new ending just for the ladies.




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Only 4 more to go, but the fun never stops here. So, be sure to tune back in next Thursday for more Comic Girls!

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