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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

The time for action is now!

Kirishima’s and Shouto’s rescue operation is happening no matter what. The majority of the class may be against it, but they are determined to save Bakugou. Midoriya is also not going to pass up the chance to save his best friend. His failure to save him has stung him to the core, and he’ll never allow his reach to fail again. Now, there are a few obstacles before these three can get going. One, Momo has to agree to the plan. Without her help they will be unable to locate Bakugou. Fortunately she is on their side, and plans to accompany them. The group is ready to go, yet one person is determined to put a stop to this recklessness plan. Iida has voiced his disapproval for this operation, still if it has to happen he too will go along. Although he’ll be knocking some sense into Midoriya before they all run off.

The plan to save Bakugou is to be 100% rescue and flee based. No combat is suppose to take place during their operation. However, a rescue without a fight is not possible. Even if they believe so, they are now heading into the heart of danger. Meanwhile, the pro heroes are gathering for a massive take down. This night is about to get real exciting, but that will be for next time. So, how about some media now? Enjoy today’s dress up!





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The action begins next time, but our young heroes are in for one grand surprise. Now, be sure to return here next Saturday for more media updates!

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