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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

An unlikely hero appears!

Okabe’s nightmare has arrived, but things won’t be ending badly today. Mr. Braun is on the scene, and is here to save the day. His heroic actions saved everyone in the lab. Although now he wants to know what is going on. Now, if you re-call back on the alpha attractor field, Tennouji is the lead Rounder for Akihabara. He’s still an agent of SERN here on the beta field, yet the attack carried out on the lab was not under his command. As such Okabe is willing to ally himself with Mr. Braun. Both parties have something to gain from this temporary alliance. Kagari now has protection, and Mr. Braun ensures his happy life for a little while longer. Still, the question remains who attacked the lab? The search for this answer will lead Okabe down a new line.

Aamdeus is in trouble! The system plea for help has caused Okabe to shift world lines. Upon his arrival to this world line he is met by someone he never thought he would see again, Kurisu. Unfortunately I wouldn’t get to excited about this one yet. Next week things should become clear, and Okabe’s still got a ways to go before we reach the best possible future. Moreover, episode 7 was truly gripping. That old Steins;Gate feel can really be felt with this one. I for one am glad to see the magic can be replicated after so long. Anyhow, the media can wait no longer. Enjoy the present time!





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We’ve changed world lines! Now, just where do we go from here? Find out next Wednesday here at, Anime Solution.

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