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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Who has won?

The end of the forest training camp arc has arrived. Now, previously we left off with Mr. Compress getting a surprise drop in. Midoriya’s last ditch effort to save his fellow classmates has led him to one final confrontation against the villains. Still, his reach during the most crucial moment was not able to secure Bakugou. This kidnapping is a major victory for the villains, and a massive blow for hero society. Once word had gotten out, U.A.’s credibility took a nose dive. Public faith in heroes has been shaken, yet all hope is not lost.

Midoriya’s recklessness during that night took a major toll on his body. As such it’s time for another hospital visit. After 2 days of rest he finally awakens, and is quickly surrounded by his able-bodied classmates. They are overjoyed to see he is fine, although there is still one major problem. Bakugou has been taken. Moreover, while he was out, Kirishima and Todoroki eavesdropped on some important information. During the attack that night, Momo was able to attach a tracker to a Nomu. Knowing this they now have a way to find out where Bakugou was taken. However, not everyone in the class is happy about this. Many think this should be left to the pro heroes. Whether they act upon this knowledge will be decided next time.

Talk about one long night. The end of today’s episode leads right into the next arc. This upcoming arc is honestly one of the defining moments for this series, so look forward to it. Although do expect it to be a few weeks before the major happenings occur. Anyhow, let’s put this arc to rest. Enjoy the end!






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Today may be a bitter defeat, but our heroes still breathe. Find out what actions they shall take next Saturday here at, Anime Solution!

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