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Mahou Shoujo Site T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

The new girls have arrived.

Capturing an administrator is their goal, but first it’s time to meet the girls from the other site. Although there is one little problem before the meet up. Nijimi hasn’t forgotten what Aya and Tsuyuno did behind her back. She will have her revenge upon Rina, and as fate would have it she has come to her. Rina’s sudden transfer was a surprise to everyone. Still, Nijimi didn’t hesitate for moment. Her intent to kill was like lightning, yet someone acted even faster. Tsuyuno was able to shut her up, then had Aya remove her pantsu. Do note that this all happened in the middle of class. So, as one can expect this was quite the scene. Moreover, the gathering of magical girls took place after school. The girls from the other site have come to introduce themselves. Additionally, until our duo can find their magical sticks these girls will back them up.

Where to begin with this one. At this point the anime is more than likely heading down the original route. Now, first off for the most part this episode was cannon to the source. However, for a while now things have either been done out of order, cut out , or even merged. Knowing all this, and with the limited amount of episodes to come there’s only one conclusion to draw from. Still, I’m enjoying the show regardless. As long as it remains entertaining that’s what matters in the end. So, ready to meet the new girls? Enjoy the trap!





Click here for the WebM album.


I sense a beach episode coming on! Magical Girl Site will return here next Friday, and with it plenty of service! So, be sure to return for the finest media around.

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Xunder (@guest_66)
5 years ago

Sword girl best girl then flash girl

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Xunder
5 years ago

The new set of girls are quite the delight. Next week they should be showing off quite a bit, too!