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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Ready for round 2?

Karen’s victory during the very first Squad Jam has earned her some fans. Remember team SHINC? Well, online they may be a squad of harden female gunslingers, but offline they are just a group of cute high school students. Their battle against LLENN has inspired them to train harder than ever, and they look forward to squaring off against her in the next Squad Jam. Although there’s a slight issue. Karen has no desire to partake in another Squad Jam. That was until M suddenly showed up. M is in a bit of a crisis. Pito has just about lost her mind. She seeks death, she relishes in the thought of death, everything about her hinges on death. Now, there’s only one way to stop her. Karen must compete in the next Squad Jam and win. A victory here should put Pito at ease. If you re-call these two ladies made a promise sometime ago. If Karen succeeds here, Pito can no longer take her own life.

Squad Jam 2 is a go! Still, Karen is going to need at least one comrade in order to compete. She may lack friends, but she at least has one best friend ready to back her up. Next week, Fukaziroh is coming out to play! Moreover, today’s episode was a tad different. We got see a lot more Karen, and a lot less action. It’s all good, though. Karen is a tall cute girl that needs her spotlight, too! Anyhow, time to meet reality. Enjoy the meet ups!


What foul sorcery is this?! An airplane with that much leg room, unheard of!




Click here for the WebM album.


Squad Jam 2 is coming! Be sure to return here next Saturday to meet the new loli.


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Kuro Rick
Kuro Rick (@guest_68)
6 years ago

Eu acho fraco esse desenvolvimento atual do jogo mortal, onde essa pito por nao poder estar em SAO 1 está fazendo essas tentativas suicidas… Se ela tivesse ido… ia entrar no harém de um certo protagonista kkk

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Kuro Rick
6 years ago

If I’m understanding what you’re saying, then the reason behind Pito’s sudden passion for death will become clear later on. Pito lives a rather stressful real life, and her lust for death is an escape from it all. Additionally, the story needed something to keep Karen playing. Yeah, it’s a bit insane that Pito wanted to be online during SAO’s massacre, but that’s humanity for you. Their insane in the membrane!