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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Her kingdom is in peril!

Princess Millhiore, leader of the canine faction has been pushed back to her castle walls. The feline faction has continued to dominate the war scene battle after battle. Now, there is only one option left for this desperate princess. In order to secure her lands, and maintain the moral of her people, she must play her final card. As such she sends out her familiar, Tatsumaki, to carry out her will. Finding hope within world of Flonyard won’t be cutting it today. This mutt must travel to another realm in order to find the hope of the Biscotti Republic. It is here on Earth where our hero will be found. Taken without a moment notice, Cinque finds himself mixed into a conflict between supernatural beings. Still, he’s up for a playful challenge.

Okay, the above may be slightly exaggerated. Although mostly on point. So, just who is this “hero”? Cinque Izumi is just your normal junior high student from Earth. He may only be 13 years old, but he’s about to be the savior to an entire nation. Upon his arrival to the world of Flonyard he was gifted with the weapon, Palladion. This weapon can take on many different forms depending upon its owner. This time around it became a staff. This is due to Cinque’s love for acrobatics and sports. Moreover, let’s talk war! Well, not really. The wars fought within this fantasy world are more like sports competitions. No one truly gets hurts, and the battles are mostly just for fun. Just think of this as a world of cute cats versus dogs. Anyhow, it’s time for the hero to take the stage. Enjoy the summoning!




Episode 1:






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Our hero first battle begins next time! So, stay tuned for more action here at, Anime Solution.

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