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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

The protagonist awakens!

He is just one of many, a clone to be used and discarded, yet he broke free. His will to live propelled him forward even as his feeble body began to collapse. As fate would have have it, Rider of Black finds him before the others. Reaching out this new born request one thing, help. On his honor as a knight, Astolfo takes him in under his care, and hides him away from the others. Moreover, Ruler has arrived to observe the battles to come. However, she’s met with hostilities from Lancer of Red. Luckily, Saber of Black and his Master was right around the corner. The meeting of these two servants marks the first official battle between heroic spirits. Their fight was an epic clash, but one that will end in a stand still, at least for now. A new day has arrived, nevertheless a new threat rushes in to kill the oppressors.

It’s honestly rather interesting what Fate/Apocrypha did with their main character. Most anime out there introduce the lead right off the bat. Instead he was only shown for a few moments in the first 2 episodes, then revealed during episode 3. Now, with that in mind I know Sieg received a fair amount of criticism during this show airing. Looking back I can see how people could be thrown off. Normally it is for the best to introduce your leads from the get go. However, always remember what this story is about. It was never about the servants or masters. This is a story about people fulfilling their wishes. Anyhow, the next major conflict is barreling towards Yggdmillennia. The time is now, so enjoy today’s blu-ray media!





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