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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 32

by Yumiko

She’s here to save the day?

The villainous brothers have been defeated. Still, these two were just mere grunts. Collecting magic from the children was suppose to be a for sure job, but our trio quickly put a stop to this operation. Now, since these two have failed at their job they no choice but to call in the boss. Coming in out of no where it’s, Sally! Failure of this magnitude was not expected, yet her eye has a bigger prize in mind now. Asta stands before her, and we know just how much she’d like a taste of that. Taking on 3 magical knights is no easy task. As such Sally will be making use of Baro. He asked for freedom, and freedom he shall get. Well, at a price of course.

Sally finally got a taste of the anti-magic. Hopefully she savior it. Moreover, Baro has been turned into a mutant horror. Sally’s injection fused his magic with his body. He’s no longer a man, just a monster. Still, this monster threatens everyone. It’s now up to Asta to handle yet another foe. Anyhow, it’s Sally time. Enjoy today’s media!





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