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No Game No Life: Zero Movie Media Review Part 1

by Yumiko

Ready to hear a legend?

Long before Sora and Shiro graced the world of Disboard it was a place of unimaginable horrors. Every corner of this world only knew war in the name of their God. Sixteen sentient species clashed in order to establish the one true God. Among these sixteen one particular race stood out. Humans were the lowest the the lows. They had no place in a war fought among magical beings. Still, one man dared to go against the odds. His name was Riku, and he is where our legend shall begin.

Normally I do like to go over the main story points of everything I review here, however this film is without a doubt best heard from the characters themselves. This ride is one fantastic emotional roller coaster. Its depiction of humanity hopelessness during the war was spot on. Riku was a leader that lost so much, but through his sacrifices brought forth a world of peace. Now, do note that this post is part 1. The media here covers the meeting of Schwi, and up to humanity vow to become the victors of the war. Speaking of Schwi, she’s truly the heart and soul of this movie. She may be a machine, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll be falling head over heels for her as the film progresses. Anyhow, we’ve got plenty of media for the eyes to feast upon. Enjoy the first half of this epic tale!





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Did you think that was it? Oh no, we’ve got plenty of more movie media in part 2! Please click here if you’d like to continue on. You won’t want to miss the ceremony.

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