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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Has the world changed?

Watarai is gone, but his actions may have set up the path for a new future. From the very moment he let the five Red Box hIEs free the wheel began to turn. Their potential while contained was beyond human belief. Once these 5 encountered human society they could truly blossom. Now, each of these units work tirelessly to ensure a place for themselves. Whether this future includes humanity or not is up in the air. All is not clear at the moment, yet a gathering has finally commenced. Four of the daughters of Higgins are in one spot, and with each of them holds a ticket to the future.

Now, time for a few important announcements surrounding Beatless. One, episode 13 will not be airing on April 20th. Instead a episode to engage viewers about the world of Beatless will be put on air. Do note that this is different from the intermission episodes. There is also another intermission episode coming up after episode 14. So, with all that in mind just know that that Beatless won’t be featured here during those weeks. Additionally, for the remainder of the season Beatless reviews will be posted on Monday. Anyhow, ready to see the robutts in their finest attire? Erica has gathered the future players, and you’re invited. Enjoy today’s high class media!





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