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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 26

by Yumiko

They’ve taken him!

Well, not for long. Before that, Asta and Leopold make one final desperate attempt to fend off the invaders. Still, with the recent reinforcements from the White Night Eye’s it proved too much for them. They may be down, but help is on the way. All the magical knights that were displaced have finally made it back to the scene. Now, with the tables turned the invaders are ready to flee. However, they will be taking a parting gift with them. Sally nabs Asta, and their off! Things may be looking grim for Asta, yet his most powerful ally is right around the corner. The Magic Emperor awaits those that would dare hurt his kingdom.

It felt good to see Julius show the true power of a top-class mage. No messing around, and right down to business. However, his minor victory here will be cut short. We’ll see the the aftermath of the blinding light next time. Anyhow, we’ve got one more to go in this arc. So, let’s get to it already. Enjoy the media!





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Next time we’re ending this arc! Stay tuned for plenty of Black Clover here at, Anime Solution.

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