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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Time for more cute girls doing cute things!

Episode 2 takes our four heroines out into the city. Their destination is a art supply store. Although, do expect a detour or two. Anyhow, it’s time to restock, and learn about the various tools a mangaka needs. Inside this store any little thing can be a work of amazement. Moreover, golden week has come to an end. That means school has returned! Both newcomers are transfer students, but Kaoruko in particular is having trouble adjusting. It’s a lot to take in being the new kid, yet for her it was all too much. Still, she got a fine group of friends to back her up.

On the becoming a better mangaka front not a lot took place during this episode. Especially for Kaoruko since she does her work digitally. It also looks like next time will be another fun episode. We may even be getting a good bit of fan service, too! I’m sure the learning part will come back around soon. Anyways, let’s focus up on the cute media. Enjoy!




Episode 2:






Click here for the WebM album.


Deadlines sure are difficult. We’ll make one soon, hopefully… Stay tuned for weekly Comic Girls updates here at, Anime Solution!

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